My view right now…my daughter sitting next to me with a cup of coffee. My pups lounging on the couch, curled up on Daddy’s sweatshirt he took off last night and left on the couch. My socked feet, covered in dog hair. The dishes in the sink that my boy was supposed to have taken care of yesterday because he had the day off. The yellow sticky note next to the tracking pad of this computer with one word: BLOG! The books and other computer that are reminding me I have to work on my online class today. Coats slung on the backs of the breakfast bar stools. Shoes tossed casually on the floor. A couple of glasses left on the dining room table.  A cluttered house that makes me oh-so-thankful.

The sunlight is streaming in through my windows, and I can see how blue the sky is. It makes me feel like spring is so close. I am not a winter girl. I can’t stand the cold, and I hate snow. But it’s Saturday. And I have the day to reflect on my week, my work, and prepare for what’s to come.

I hope your view right now is just as satisfying as mine.

7 thoughts on “Contentment”

  1. I love reflecting on “normal” stuff like this. I love that it seems like you realize how fortunate you are to have the normal clutter of saturday with family surrounding you. That’s the good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I laughed when I read about your “Blog” sticky note. Mine is attached to my bedroom mirror so I don’t foget. Enjoy your restful day.

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