Does that make me a hypocrite?

I have my students signed up for the Classroom SOLC. We got started last week, and I was really excited to see my students posting over the weekend. They were so anxious to get back to blogging today, how could I say no? So they spent some time reading others’ blogs and commenting. And now they are writing! And they are loving it! I am torn between all of the amazing things my students can do with technology and wanting them to do more without it.

I’m one of those people who thinks we have exposed our young children to too much technology. I’m thankful that my own children are older now, and two out of the three of them grew up without being surrounded by technology. My youngest has been on the tail end of that. His younger years (he’s 15) were not filled with computers or phones and touchscreen devices. That started to come about more when he was in 4th/5th grade and was in full swing by the time he hit 6th grade. But much to my children’s dismay, I didn’t let them jump on that technology bandwagon like many of their friends’ parents.  My kids did not get smartphones until they went to high school. Can you imagine!? My older two were not that far behind the curve, but my son? I’m surprised I didn’t get cited for child abuse! I think he very well may have been the only kid we knew who didn’t have a smartphone. And I didn’t care. I wish I had held out longer.

So full circle here…I love seeing my students interact with technology. I love watching them learn things in ways that appeal to them and excite them. I enjoy learning new ways to use technology in my classroom. But I have to admit, sometimes I wish we didn’t raise our kids to be so dependent on technology.

I’d better be careful…my nearly 43 years are showing.

3 thoughts on “Does that make me a hypocrite?”

  1. I, too, share your concerns about too much technology. I have always found it difficult to draw the line.

    I am thinking back to your line,”So they spent some time reading others’ blogs and commenting. And now they are writing! And they are loving it!” Isn’t that the end goal? Enjoy that your kids are writing….and commenting on OTHER student’s writing….and actually ENJOYING it! Soak it all in!

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  2. I agree with you, actually, about the over-dependence on technology. And I speak as someone unafraid of it. I think balance is crucial or whatever will we do when the tech doesn’t work? Better be non-tech savvy, too!

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