Just Wanna Get What I Want

I had an unbelievable realization today: there are only 38 more school days left in this year. Year 14 is just about over.

I’m feeling kind of proud of myself. I took a crazy risk this year, up and leaving the only district in which I ever worked. And after the initial settling in period, there almost isn’t a day where I do not feel like I have been at my school for a long time. I am so at home there. I feel like I belong there.

This year, I tried so many new things. Co-teaching units with one of my teammates, bringing technology into my classroom and my teaching like never before, yoga and kickboxing, and I just committed to starting National Board Certification next year. Coming to my new school changed me as a teacher; I feel like I’ve been a much better teacher this year than I’ve been in awhile.

Here’s the snag…I knew going into this job that I was a “bubble” teacher. I was a late-hire, third class split. I knew that chances were that I would be having to follow this group up to 6th grade next year, and I was completely fine with that, especially after I got to know my students. I would be beyond joyous if I got to spend another year teaching this group. Don’t see the snag yet? Well here it is: unfortunately, we are losing enough students from 5th grade because of moves, that at this point, there will not be a third section of 6th next year. And at this point, there are not enough 4th grade students for there to be a third section of 5th next year.

I try not to dwell on this. I know it drives my teammate crazy. I can’t help it. I’m consumed by it as the year is drawing to a close. I have to keep telling myself to put all the thoughts out of my head about where will I be? What grade level will I be teaching? And put out into the universe what I want to get back.

I will be a 5th grade teacher at Meadowview School next year. What you think about you bring about. What you think about you bring about. Thoughts become things. Thoughts become things.

I hope the universe is listening.

4 thoughts on “Just Wanna Get What I Want”

  1. I love the line “what you think about is what you bring about” and its positive connotation in your story. Too often, people succumb to fears and ultimately bring them to pass. Keep believing – it will be this job OR BETTER!

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