A Year Later

So here we are.

Last year, after I completed the Slice of Life for the first time, I thought I’d keep writing. I didn’t commit to myself that it would be every day or anything, but I thought for sure I would keep writing.

So here we are. I haven’t written in a year. I have plenty of excuses. But if I fast forward through last spring and summer, and get to the beginning of this school year, my excuses actually hold water. Well to me, anyway.

This is my 15th year teaching. And this year is crushing me. I have the most difficult class, academically and behaviorally, that I’ve ever had. Making it through the day with my sanity intact is only possible because of my amazing co-teacher.  I also began my journey to National Board Certification, and I am the teacher liaison for our cohort. Wait, there’s more! I am part of the negotiation team in my district and we are working on bargaining our new contract. On top of all this I have a home, and a man, and kids, and dogs and…………..

When I looked at my screen earlier today…again and again…then read some other slices so I could avoid writing  mine, I wondered why I got myself into this–one more “obligation” to which I have to divvy up my time.

One thing is for sure: I’m not a quitter. So I am going to honor this commitment and let it help me realize how much I enjoyed it last time.

9 thoughts on “A Year Later”

  1. You’re one busy lady, Joyous. But this is more for time for you and hopefully will be a great escape of sorts for the every day grind. I’m a first timer and my hope is that this helps me to have some “me time” to reflect since this is also my most challenging group of students yet. Maybe yours will mature by the time they make it to 8th grade?! 😉 We’re in the homestretch- we’ve got this!

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  2. Oh my gosh I kind of felt like you were writing about me a little! So many similarities. I, too, think I’m going to keep writing after the challenge because I really do enjoy this month of writing, but then the Tuesdays go by and I don’t post for the weekly slice of life. I also am involved in a lot and often ask myself why I take on one more thing. Looking forward to reading more of your slices this month!

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  3. i’m glad you’re here and wow, i thought my schedule was hectic. But a lot of that I totally understand – especially the rough school year. Such a challenge. Hopefully you’re at least trying to sneak in a break here and there – you deserve (and need) it!

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  4. I am pretty sure I could have written this same post. I was just sure this was the year that I would keep writing after the SOL Challenge ended in March 2018. I thought about writing. I had a million things I could have written. I thought some more about writing. But like you, it’s been a year. We’re in it together–we can do this. This will be the year we keep writing.

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