It was a Monday

I’m struggling. I’m over-committed. This is something I frequently do to myself because I can and will get it all done. At least I think so when I start filling the proverbial plate. And having to add making sub plans is an 8-course meal that is spilling off the plate and onto the floor.

My son has two doctor’s appointments tomorrow. He’s my broken child. Has had trouble with his ears since he was 6 months old (he’s 16 now): chronic ear infections, ear tubes 7 times, hearing loss. I finally changed doctors and he is seeing the new primary doc and the new ENT. That, of course, requires me to take time off of school.

It’s never easy to be gone from my classroom, but this year in particular is even worse. Because of the extreme behaviors exhibited by some of my students, I am constantly worrying when a sub has taken my place. It has taken me months to have an understanding of the way some of my students work and what triggers their atypical behavior. More often than not, subs are not prepared for the experience they have with my students.

Making sub plans is a major undertaking for me. Not only does curriculum need to be explained, I have to leave detailed information about specific students and their needs, which can change depending on the week or sometimes even the day. Half-day sub plans can easily be 3 pages long. Sorry, sub. But I can’t in good conscience leave, and not feel like I have covered every possible scenario.

So while I could have been making lesson plans, or working on my National Board components, or preparing for the two negotiation meetings I have this week…

I made sub plans.

5 thoughts on “It was a Monday”

  1. I feel your pain! I also have a very challenging class this year and when I think of a sub taking over for me for the day, it is stressful. You don’t know what your room will look like when you get back in their tomorrow, or what long note the sub has left for you to make sense of and deal with. First of all, I hope all of your son’s appointments went well! Secondly, I hope your students’ day was positive!

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  2. I just finished sub plans! UGH! This is not a difficult year for me to make plans but I so understand what you are talking about. The ten page plans that include a narrative on half your class are never fun to write and it’s just so much easier to be there. BUT, I hope the appointments go well and you can have a nice day with your son! Maybe that will be your silver lining. 🙂

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