Not Bad for a Monday-3/18/19

It wasn’t a horrible day.

This is what I said to a colleague after the students left today. It was kind of a joke, but looking back and reflecting on the day, I think it was actually a pretty positive statement.

I had to have a chat with my class this morning about the expectations. Again. But it was a good conversation. Just reminders and acknowledgement of there only being five days of school before spring break. We got some stuff done today. We learned some things. We were able to have some laughs. The day wasn’t without its bumps and bruises, but at the end of the day I was able to say that is wasn’t a horrible day.

One day down, four to go.

One thought on “Not Bad for a Monday-3/18/19”

  1. I like the pragmatism in your piece! Yes, a not-so-bad day can be a pretty good one, all in all! And counting down to spring break- that brings out some challenges. I will have to remember to review expectations as calmly as you seem to, when our calendar gets close to break 🙂

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