This is Not a Complaint-3/25/19

Today was a “tough” vacation day! (I say this in jest…partially)

We bought this house in Florida at the end of the summer of 2017. And every trip down here has been more work than play, but it’s Florida so I take the good with the bad. We have gotten to the point where all the big stuff is finally finished. So now it’s time to do all the “little” things around here. Like fix fence posts that were blown half down from the hurricane a year and a half ago. And organize and put away all the tools and supplies that have consumed the master closet throughout the remodel. And yard work.

I don’t know how people do any kind of outside work around here in the summer time. It’s gross. It’s awful. I can hardly breathe outside here in the summer. So yard work is not an option for me come June. This week would be the last opportunity for me to take any part in the outside work until next Thanksgiving. Because I love hot and sunny probably more than the next guy, but stifling humid sauna I do not love.

We were on a schedule today, as we had to pick up the kids from the airport at 5:40. Which meant leaving the house by 4:45. Which meant shower by 4. So my work had to be finished by 3:45 so I could clean up and put everything away. By the time we got home from breakfast and Lowe’s, I had about 4 hours of work time.

I spent all 4 of those hours slashing, cutting, sawing, digging, breaking, lopping, and burning. Our yard is like a jungle and I try to clear a little bit every time I’m here (when it’s not summer, of course). I should have taken more before and after pictures, but regardless, the yard looks infinitely better than when we moved in. So it’s slow, and painstaking, but it’s coming along. After all that work in 85 degree sun, I was scratched and sweaty and dirty. A cool shower never felt so good.

My arms are sore, and I’m beyond exhausted. But I’m going to the beach tomorrow and Wednesday with Lee and the kids. So I think one day of work is a good trade-off.

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