No Wind in My Sails-3/28/19

Home from vacation.

It’s hard to get up the energy to want to do anything. Yoga pants are on. Suitcase is half unpacked. Laundry basket is full. Doordash delivered my dinner. I should have walked the dogs. I should be working on National Board stuff.

Tonight is going to be a good night to do some more reading (I read four books on vacation) and catch up on some shows. It’s funny how I have 43 years of slices I could write about, but nothing is coming to my mind right now.

A good vacation is exhausting.

5 thoughts on “No Wind in My Sails-3/28/19”

  1. It sounds like a vacation that you don’t quite want to end. I just started my spring break today. I can’t wait to be in yoga pants all week!

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  2. Writing is funny like that. One day you have to think hard about which moment you want to share in your slice, and another day…well, it’s an altogether different story. I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

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