Effects of Spring Break-3/29/19

It’s been a long time since I made dinner before tonight.

2 of my 3 children no longer live at home. But we are no less busy than when it was all of us together. Jake has track practice every night until 6 or later. Lee doesn’t get home from coaching until after 6 every night. I have negotiation meetings about twice a week where I may not get home until 9 or later. National Board meetings every other week put me at home after 6. The random appointment or meet-up with friends make for other nights I’m not home until late. So I haven’t made dinner in awhile.

Tonight? Tonight, Lee, Hannah, Jake and I were all home.  And no one had any plans to leave. We spent the past week eating seafood every day so I needed some red meat. Filet mignon, please! Portobello mushrooms. Potatoes. Asparagus. If I’ve got the time, I’m doing this right! I got to start dinner under no pressure of time. No rush getting everything cooked. I could pay attention to the grill to make sure the steaks were done perfectly. I could saute the mushrooms and steam the asparagus. I had time to prepare steaming baked potatoes. The four of us got to sit together and have a meal that could be tasted and chewed and digested. And we got to talk and be together one more time before we all go back to our busy schedules again.

You know, when you think about it, a meal is so much more than food. So glad I had time to cook dinner today.





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