Winding Down to Wind Back Up-3/30/19

This is my view today. And it will likely be similar tomorrow. When my mom was over the day we got home from vacation, I took out my binders and teacher-y stuff and put everything on the table. I knew I’d have to start tackling all my work Friday morning. She told me to stop! Told me I still have 3 days left of break and don’t take the school work out! I’m sure she said it partly in jest, but I do wish my last three days of break could have been as relaxing and mindless as my sunny, beachy days in Florida.

Truth is, I’m in a much better frame of mind after my sunny, beachy days in Florida than I was in the weeks leading up to break. I was struggling putting my lessons together in the way my students deserved. I was struggling with all of my commitments and the 14 hour days. Struggling with the behaviors of some of my students. I needed break this year like I’ve never needed break.

So I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to relax for a few days so I could be in a better frame of mind to finish my plans for the week and work on National Board. My head is clearer, my ideas are better, my stamina is stronger. There are 40-something student days left when we return on Monday. I’m hoping for a lot of warmth and sunshine as the days unfold, as they sure have done a lot for my mood, and I look great after some exposure to UV rays.

And I may have just a little bit of tan left as I start the week back.

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