The Beginning of What Comes Next-3/31/19

On this last day of the Slice of Life Challenge, I’m thinking about how I have written a post every single day this month. 31 days. I wrote after 14-hour work days, on lazy weekend days, on busy Saturdays, on vacation days. I wrote from my desk, my couch, Illinois, Florida. No matter how tired I was or how awake and energized, no matter the time. I got it done. I wrote every day for 31 days.

Yeah, yeah, we all did it, right? And some of the people doing the slice write all year, all the time! That’s a whole other league than I’m playing in, but still. I guess what I’m getting at here is that I set out to do this thing for 31 days, and I didn’t let anything get in my way to prevent me from getting it done.

So that got me thinking…I’ve tried to complete the Couch-2-5k program. I’ve tried to complete a workout program. I’ve tried I’ve tried I’ve tried. I let a lot of things get in my way. Excuses. Work. Being tired. But I just did this thing for 31 days and enjoyed the heck out of it, and read so many great slices that made me think, and laugh, and even cry a little. The power to honor the commitment I made to myself was enough. And I’m proud of myself.

So what should I begin for the next 31 days….?

5 thoughts on “The Beginning of What Comes Next-3/31/19”

  1. This is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations!! I can relate to all you said. I even fell asleep while writing my SOL post at least twice. I commented on slices at a concert. I posted media to WP from my phone. It was a tech learning blitz. I hope to slice with you again next year!

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