Hello, Day 1

The month of March always seems to put me in a reflective mode. So this challenge falls at a perfect time.

What plans do I need to make in order for my students to continue to grow these last few months of school? Have I or will I meet all the goals I set for myself professionally and personally this year? Have I done enough to ensure my National Board submission will be the very best it can be? How can I find the time to connect with all the people I love so dearly, and still allow myself the peace and solitude to do what I need to do for myself, even if that’s just reading all day and ignoring the housework?

How do I, when do I, have I, will I, should I, can I……….

I’m looking forward to the challenge of writing every day, which really helps me hone in on some of these reflections. And sometimes, it even helps me forget.



4 thoughts on “Hello, Day 1”

  1. Your questions are many of the same ones I have asked myself! I feel like it doesn’t always get done, but then somehow it does even if it’s not to the level of perfection I would like it to be. Here’s to a strong month ahead, getting a lot accomplished!

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