Because Sometimes You Just Need Something Else

We spent some quiet reflection time today coloring. The students are ramped up. There’s a lot of talk about the coronavirus and they are hearing about all these events being cancelled and places being closed. And then my district is trying to be proactive by getting work together for the students to have at home just in case we have to close. It’s kind of crazy around here.

I turned off all but one of the bright ceiling lights and let the students get their favorite coloring implements. I fanned out a pile of coloring pages ranging from simple shapes to intricate designs. I put instrumental music on and talked about using this time to re-center ourselves. Talked about breathing slowly as we colored and relaxing with the music.

We did this for 30 minutes. The students didn’t talk. They didn’t ask me for anything. They didn’t joke around or act silly. When it was time to move on, the students were much more grounded; calmer.

Moments like this make me realize how important it is that I know my students well enough to know when they need a shift in their day, and maybe that shift has nothing to do with curriculum.


6 thoughts on “Because Sometimes You Just Need Something Else”

  1. Your post radiates calm, from the way you include and describe the lone light to your long flowing sentences at the start. Then your noticings hit in short sentences, giving them space to just be. Thank yo for giving this to them and to us tonight.

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