One Of My “Kids”

My sweet little Boston Terrier is kind of a strange dog. Some may say he has “special needs.”

Panda is my baby. My almost 10-year-old Boston Terrier baby. He’s this squat, fat little guy who could stand to lose about 10 pounds, but hey-who couldn’t? He has his own room–really it’s our spare room upstairs down the hall from the master that serves as my changing room/closet–and he stays up there wrapped in his favorite blanket quite often. He goes through phases where he will not jump off the bed, and if he does, he will not come down the stairs. He has missed meals if someone doesn’t go up there and get him. It’s not unlike him to stand at the top of the stairs and cry until someone comes up to get him. I’m telling you: special needs.

Today I had to pick up my daughter from college because, well, coronavirus. When we got home, Hannah went up to see Panda and I followed. He got really excited and indicated by standing at the end of the bed that he wanted someone to put him on the ground. So I did. Then he followed us to the stairs, but in true Panda form, would not follow us down. So I picked up his potato sack of a body and gave him to Hannah to carry down. You don’t have to carry him the whole way; put him on the first landing and he will go down the rest of the stairs. Are you seeing a pattern of strange behavior yet?

So we get downstairs and he starts leaping through the air like a gazelle. Running back and forth from me to the front door, putting his paws on my thighs every time his leaps bring him back to me. I know this act. I know what he wants. He wants to go for a walk. And when Pandy wants a walk so badly and behaves this way, I can hardly deny him.

Hannah and I leashed up the little beast and his old man brother and off we went. Pandy can hardly contain himself on walks, he just gets so excited. He waddles his little barrel body and snorts, sniffing everything is his path. We only got a few block in because old man brother can’t walk too far, but it was enough. Panda came home happy and ready for another nap in his bed wrapped in his favorite blanket.

I love this crazy dog.img_4824


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