Too Many Distractions

I can’t get any work done. It’s driving me crazy that everyone is home and no one is doing anything. I need to work at the dining room table because that is the only place with enough room for me to spread out, but the dining room is connected to the living room is connected to the kitchen is connected to everything on the first floor of my house. Yay open concept in a tiny, 100 year old house.

When I say work, I mean checking in on school emails, writing my slice, and working on National Board. But I can’t focus on National Board when there are all these distractions. I’m already down to just two months to go to submit Component 3. But who knows now what is going to happen. I’m scheduled to take the test in June. Will that be happening? I can’t even finish C3 because I haven’t completed my second video recording. Is National Board going to be extended? The more stress I feel about it, the more I’m avoiding working on the part that I CAN finish right now. And all the home distractions don’t help.

It’s so strange because no one would usually be here (if it was a weekend, which it perpetually is right now). Jake would be at track or work or a friend’s house. Hannah would be at school living in her dorm in Chicago. Lee would be out running around, shopping, working on a car or tinkering in the garage. This whole thing has us all just not quite knowing what to do with ourselves.

That being said…I’m going to have to quarantine my family away from ME soon if I don’t get some work done. At least I got this slice finished…


One thought on “Too Many Distractions”

  1. Oh my goodness, I hear your stress and your small,old house issues! I live alone but have not been alone due to childcare needs. I am getting up at 4 in order to work from 4-8:30 when I get my “preschool-grandchildren-students” while their parents work at home! Sigh! I am CONFIDENT that National Board and many other events will have extensions.

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