Thinking Back

When I was 5 years old, my family went to Florida. I had grandparents living there at the time so we rented a house near them and near the beach. We drove in our 1980’s conversion van, 7 of us packed in with luggage and snacks.

Things I remember about that trip:

Florida has some giant bugs. My green “Kermit the frog” bathing suit. Eating carrots in the car on the ride down. How thirsty you get playing in salt water. Capturing a lizard, tying a string around it’s neck and naming it Leon. Suntans. Beach. Digging in the sand. Getting along with my brothers and sister…for the most part. Mom and dad were still together. I loved the water. The bigger the waves, the better. You could park on Daytona Beach! ON. THE. BEACH!!!! You may have to move your beach spot when the tide comes in. Beach picnics are the best. All that sand sticks with you, even after a shower. It was a great family vacation.

I hope when my kids are older they have memories of some great family trips. I sure tried to give that to them.

7 thoughts on “Thinking Back”

  1. We always went on family road trips when I was a kid. We never flew anywhere. I remember all the crazy antics in the back seat of the Honda Accord where my bother, sister and I had to be in close quarters while we rode for hours.

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  2. I loved this Slice J. Memories like these make the hair raise on my arms. I didn’t take a lot of family trips but we went on many adventures. Your babies will have lots of memories… you’re a memory maker girl.

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