My Body Won’t Listen

It’s odd that my body knows I’m not supposed to be sleeping in right now. My schedule has been so much the same for my 16 years of teaching, that my body knows when I should be awake every day, and when it’s okay to let me sleep.

I love to sleep in. I prefer to stay up late and sleep the early mornings away. I love the house at night when everyone is in bed and I can have some quiet time listening to the sounds of my 100-year-old house settling and sighing, while I’m curled up with a book and my dog.

Anyone who knows me knows if I have to wake up to an alarm, it’s probably not a good idea to talk to me right away. I need at least an hour to acclimate to the morning when I am forced from slumber. And when I say “sleep in,” I’m not talking about sleeping until 10 or anything. 8:30 is perfect. Something about that time makes me feel like it’s not too early, and not too late.

But these weeks of being off school unexpectedly are messing up my desired circadian rhythm! No matter how late I’ve been staying awake–which hasn’t been too late, but much later than I usually would on a school night–my body will not let me sleep past 6:30. I’m almost angry when I shake my Fitbit to life and it shows me the time.

Ah, well…if this is all I have to complain about right now, I guess I’m doing okay. But I do know that when it’s time to go back to school again, waking at 6:30 isn’t going to be this easy.

3 thoughts on “My Body Won’t Listen”

  1. SO very true. It’s hard to know how deeply to settle into a routine right now, without knowing much beyond the next week or two. Still, I’ll take the privilege of being able to wake without an alarm as long as I can.

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