Making Do

I’m so thankful for technology right now. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with it. All the usual stuff…we use it too much, depend on it too much, give our kids too much. But it’s helping me to keep in touch easily and often with my students right now, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

There is nothing like connecting face-to-face with my students. But now we are all connecting in different ways in a very different environment and I’m getting to see my students in a way I don’t get to see at school. I also love how much contact I’m getting from parents! Parents I don’t normally hear from at all are reaching out and responding to me.

My students are emailing me to ask questions. They are sending me videos. They are commenting on each other’s posts and videos and I smile at seeing their personalities come out in their comments. I’m meeting pets, seeing kids’ hobbies, having conversations about books. It’s a scary time. It’s an uncertain time. I just want to be here for my kids, and their families. And technology let’s me do that.

2 thoughts on “Making Do”

  1. This is so vert sweet. You have an amazing group of kids this year and I bet they are still thriving even in an online environment.


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