Stir Crazy

It’s funny how when I have a weekend with nothing planned, I’m perfectly fine with sitting around and doing anything I want to, even if that something is nothing. Once in awhile, I love a weekend of reading on the couch in my pajamas in the morning until 11. I love skipping right to lunch because it’s way past time for breakfast. Then I’ll spend a couple hours catching up on shows or starting a new Netflix series. But now?  I’m going stir crazy.

I think knowing I CHOOSE to hang out and do “nothing” is a lot different than being forced to do nothing. Let’s be honest…there’s a lot more than nothing going on around here. My dogs are exhausted from all the walks. My refrigerator has never been cleaner. I did a 1000 piece puzzle with my daughter. I watched the series Dead to Me. I’ve played Zoom trivia and talked to my students. I even talked on the phone–yes, a phone call!–with an old friend. But none of it feels like when I choose to do it on a random weekend.

I know it could be so much worse. And I’ve spent more quality time with my 18 and 20 year old kids than I have in a long time. But I want normal back. I want crazy, stressful, normal back. Because the thought of having to do this for weeks more is just about more than I can fathom.


4 thoughts on “Stir Crazy”

  1. I can certainly relate. I feel like we are going through different phases, shelter is place was novel, then it was no more, and now we have settled into a long stretch of the unknown.

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  2. Yes! I’ve actually started making a consistent routine again so that this doesn’t just feel like it’s stretching on. It IS the new normal, so I’m making it that until we’re “released.” But it’s a mind-game for sure!

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