Day 26-Are They Judging Me?

I went to Walgreens today to pick up a prescription and it got me thinking…are the pharmacy workers judging me?

There are a lot of stigmas attached to certain medications. Like, if you’re taking something for anxiety or depression are they feeling sorry for you? Empathizing? If you take pain meds, are you being scrutinized? Today I picked up a prescription for a sedative. At least that’s why it’s given to me: for the sedative nature of the side effects in order to give me some relief in my jaw pain and to relax me while I sleep so I don’t clench my jaw. It’s actually an anti-seizure med. Last week it was steroids because again, my jaw. I also got some pain meds in there too. For my jaw.

I’ve been prescribed muscle relaxers, over-the-counter super duper ibuprofen, and antidepressants for the treatment of my jaw. I’ve taken antibiotics for one thing or another over the years. But one time…one time it was Valtrex. Which is for the treatment of herpes. I’ve never had herpes. I don’t have herpes. No judgment if you do. But I felt like I was being judged for where I MIGHT have herpes when I picked up the prescription when my doctor was trying to treat me for Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

The point of my post is mostly meant to be humorous. But a tiny bit of me really does think this way. Your pharmacist knows a lot about you for not actually knowing you. Now think about how well your mail carrier probably knows you……

11 thoughts on “Day 26-Are They Judging Me?”

  1. I like the lasting question about mail carriers…. it has me thinking. And you capture this care-don’t-care feeling that comes with these sort of experiences with a sense of humor for sure!

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  2. This definitely made me chuckle! I would feel this need to explain my situation- like asking questions and trying to reference it to my jaw or something! Then again the pharmacist might think, “sure… yea… your jaw. We’ve heard that before!” haha

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