Day 28-Unfortunate Change of Plans

Today is the Sunday before 5 glorious recharging days of spring break in Florida. My bags are packed, my Kindle is loaded with books, my flip-flops are ready. Flight leaves at 1:35pm!

My son Jake–my 20-year-old baby, the last of my three kids living at home, my night owl–texted me at 6:45 this morning. Before I opened his text, I knew something was wrong. He is NEVER up at this hour.

“I think I might have covid.”

Our house has managed to stay covid-free since the start of the whole pandemic. Jake works at a restaurant. In the past 2 weeks, 3 people at his work have tested positive. They have been out of work and Jake has been picking up extra shifts to cover for them. As of last night, everyone was back to work, covid-free. And Jake came home last night not feeling well.

I texted Jake back and told him to meet me in the kitchen. I’d bring the covid test. We opened all the little containers and envelopes and took out the pieces. He swabbed and we mixed and poured then waited. It was positive as soon as the liquid moved past the “positive” point. Shit.

I gave him some ibuprofen for the fever. But he’s on meds for SVT (heart issue) and shouldn’t take cold meds with those meds. So now we wait to hear back from the doctor. And then I began the agonizing mom game of should-I-shouldn’t-I. My gut said stay home. My heart and soul have been looking forward to this trip for months. The sun and palm trees and warmth recharge me for the rest of the school year. But the thought of leaving him alone just didn’t feel right.

So here I am. Flight is canceled. Shivering under a blanket, the beach and 90 degrees in the rearview mirror. I’m so sad I won’t be taking my trip, but I’m glad I’ll be home if my boy needs me. You’re never too old to need your mom.

12 thoughts on “Day 28-Unfortunate Change of Plans”

  1. What a bummer! I’m sad for you missing the week at the beach! Sometimes being a mom is really, really hard! I hope your son recovers quickly!

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  2. I know that should-I-shouldn’t-I doubt spiral too well and love that you gave it a name! Sounds like you erred on the side of Mom-for-the-win! I cant help but wonder though if those shivers you write about are your own bout of sickness coming on. I hope not!

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  3. Oh.

    My heart sank as soon as I got to the paragraph about COVID, and oh.

    And no, I wouldn’t have done anything differently as a mom – wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise.

    But oh.

    I’m still sad for you, and hope that you’ve got something coming some time to bring you some JOY.

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