Day 28-Day 1 of My Captivity

Okay, okay, so I’m being dramatic. A little. But here I am, official day 1 of my spring break, and I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m not supposed to be here. I was going to spend the last few days of this challenge reflecting on how soul-recharging the beach and sun and sand and palm trees were. How being in my home away from home with my fiance for 5 glorious days is just the best. But I’m at home. In cold Chicagoland. With my covid-sick soon-to-be 20-year-old Jake (aka BOY).

I know I did the right thing. He has hardly gotten out of bed in the last 36 hours and if I didn’t force it on him, he probably wouldn’t eat or drink anything. Not to mention we have an 8-month-old puppy and boy is in no shape to take care of her. I spent most of yesterday and this morning mourning the plans I had made for break and resigning myself to the downright crappy Chicago weather I would be experiencing the rest of this week. I have finished one book, am almost finished with another, and I’m going to make chicken noodle soup for dinner.

I wasn’t supposed to have to cook dinner this week. I should be dining out on the water, drinking tropical drinks and salivating over seafood. I should be living in a swimsuit and cover-up, then curling up on the couch later with a blanket because the air conditioning is cold. I should be getting ready for a day out on the boat. I should be…I should be…I should…

BUT…I GET TO be home with boy. I GET TO take care of him while he is sick. I GET TO look forward to another trip to my Florida home in a few months. I GET TO lounge on the couch all day and read as many books as possible while snuggling with my puppy. I GET TO see my brother for dinner this week while he is in town for 2 days; I haven’t seen him in almost 7 years.

Day 1 of my captivity probably isn’t so bad after all.

11 thoughts on “Day 28-Day 1 of My Captivity”

  1. I enjoyed your slice, how you take us from the drama of unloading your troubles and complaints, to the gratitude for what you GET TO do. Good attitude, mom! And I especially retaliated to the detail of “I wasn’t supposed to have to cook dinner this week…” That’s where I really felt for you!

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  2. Well, as a fellow Chicago-area gal, I’ll also commiserate with you about the cold rainy ick we’ve been having – all the better to stay inside, perhaps?

    Here’s sending you healing thoughts, hoping everyone is on the mend and soon.

    Just yesterday, I was just reading an article about the difference between “have to” and “get to.” And you’re right – it’s a big mind shift!

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  3. I love you “get to”s. We talk about this mindset all the time in class, how we get to do something.

    No, not all the kids buy my what I’m selling, but sometimes, I see the twinkle in their eyes and the nod of a head. They get it.

    So do we.

    Sending some healing thoughts to your son! Enjoy a little time with him!❤️

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    1. Yes yes, I do this too with my students! Figured I’d practice the mindset shift on myself since I was so disappointed about staying home in Illinois and sending my fiancé on spring break without me.😫


  4. I can certainly sympathize with you on this one. Sometimes we have to take a moment to mourn the should bes before we can really appreciate the get tos. That is a HUGE plus to get to see your brother after so long. Hope things keep moving up for you and your son feels better.

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