Day 30-March Plans

So here we are, the penultimate day of March, of the Slice of Life. I set out to accomplish some things this month. How am I doing?

I’m in week 3 of my Nike running challenge and beta shoe-testing. I’ve been doing it! I’m running 3 days a week. It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t been entirely fun, but I’m proud of myself for doing something I know is and will continue to be challenging. My calves are sore, I have shin splints, and my legs are tired. But I am determined to finish this 12-week challenge. And the shoes I’m testing are pretty cool.

I was working on the whole 40 days/40 bags thing for Lent. I don’t recall how many bags I set out to do because I didn’t think I was going to shoot for 40. As of today, I’ve got 8 bags of stuff I’m giving away or selling (I do a pretty good business on Mercari!). Perhaps I can fill 2 more bags before the month is over.

There is one more day left in the Slice of Life writing challenge. I have not missed one day of posting or commenting on others’ posts. I’ve read some of the same people over the years and also started following some new people. I love to read about people’s lives and take in their writing styles. I’m proud of myself for making this a priority and glad I took part again.

I’m looking forward to April and the new goals and challenges I will attempt. Also the warmth and sunshine. I need that.

4 thoughts on “Day 30-March Plans”

  1. First of all, you had me at warmth and sunshine. =))

    It’s been great to read about your adventures, your bag-packing, your shoe-testing. March may be ending, but I hope you don’t go too far!

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