So about this writing thing…

I used to write. I loved to write. I took creative writing and poetry classes. I wrote journals, short stories, and poems of my own. I was published in my high school and college literary magazines. I’m an avid reader as well, always have been, so I guess the reading and writing just went hand in hand. But then I stopped writing. So this writing challenge is exciting!

I’m a mom and a teacher. Sometimes a really really good mom and teacher. Sometimes just kind of so-so. I took a crazy risk this year…left the district where I had taught for 14 years to come to a new district. It was hard. It was crazy. It was an insane leap of faith to step out of my comfort zone where I knew what I was doing, what boundaries I could push, and it was the place where I had all my people…all my closest friends. I was a leader, a teaching veteran, a mentor and role model. And I left it all to come to a new district, 30 miles away from the only district in which I ever worked.

The first week was impossible. Unbearable. I cried every day. The people here were so nice. So accepting and warm and welcoming. But I didn’t have my people. I didn’t have all the things and places and people who I knew so so well. I’m not a person who has a hard time with change. I’m relaxed and go with the flow; I can adapt and change directions at the drop of a hat. But this? Who does this? Who leaves a stable, good teaching job where you know what to expect, don’t have to worry about next year, or whether or not you will have a job? Me. That’s who.

And then…after a few weeks…I got some people. I got some really amazing people. I have an incredible group of students. I found myself walking through the hall one day, realizing how much I love my new school, realizing that you never know how things will work out, realizing that sometimes, the grass really is greener.